This masterpiece was written by Anonymous on /b/. (thanks btw), so before bashing me - do your research. pls. thanks.

Dog anatomy.Edit

Before you proceed to take sexual intercourse with a dog, please make sure you know an anatomy of a dog, so you would not have trouble having sex with a dog. It is very important to know.


It is recomended to at least wear a condom so you wont get your dick dirty and all in worms. Also it is recomended to somehow chain a dog so it won't bite you/run away. And it is really important that you must have a female dog.

Sexual intercorse.Edit

It is recomended to fuck a dog into anus, because if you do it oral, you might get your dick bitten off, even with a condom. When you fuck a dog into the anus, dont fuck too fast and too slow. Then, when you're finished, get the condom off and wash your hands and your dick.

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