Last day a Canafuck "Jean-Guy Rousseau" go sanctimonious fucktard on me at /r/subredditdrama before I responded with a what-if setting involving weapons and he dared me to go to Quebec to find him.

He can post his addresses to bolster his macho delusions to challenge me but it never happened. Instead I found these:

Jean-Guy Rousseau

92 Nicol Trois-Rivières QC Itinéraire

Jean-Guy Rousseau

(819) 375-6232

92 Nicol Trois-Rivières QC Itinéraire

Jean-Guy Rousseau

(819) 293-2437

1960 Marie-Victorin Nicolet QC J3T 1T5 Itinéraire

Rousseau Jean Guy

(819) 539-5544

2452 Saint-Jean Shawinigan QC G9N 2E3 Itinéraire

His Dunning-Kruger effect is an undoing to himself.

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