Semen bread is a wonderful type of bread, made in 1908 maybe idk. It is said to have been made by using the semen of different animals from all across the world, although some being from zoos, to save shipping costs.

This bread supposedly using semen of hard-to-find animals, such as rhinos, and that one nearly extinct turtle or tortoise or whatever. Rare shit.

The term "Semen bread", or the more commonly used "Semen Sandwich" can also refer to the act of a group of men ejaculating onto a piece of bread, and he who cannot manage to ejaculate within the set amount of time loses, and must grab another piece of bread, to make it a sandwich, and eat it. Condements are strictly prohibited. This is a similar concept to things such as "Icky Cookie", "Cum Crumpet", "Ejaculate Eclair", and "Jizz Jam".

I hope you're pround of what this page ahs become, Rifg.

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